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24 Season 7: Episodes 23-24


Shocker of the century: Jack Bauer is not dead. Of course, he’s in a medical induced coma awaiting a highly experimental stem cell donation from Kim, which, I might add, puts her at a high risk medically (death?). So was it a fitting ending to the season? Continue reading

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24 Season 7: Episode 22


Jack Bauer has a very simple decision to make on next week’s episode, the 2-hour season finale of season 7: Keep the bastard Tony in FBI custody and stop the swine flu deployment madness once and for all, in exchange for the small fee of his daughter Kim’s life. Continue reading

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24 Season 7: Episode 21


Jonas Hodges is apparently dead (I don’t believe anybody is dead on 24 unless they get a silent clock… and of course a villain won’t). This season has had me second-guessing death on the show, but it would be hard for an old dude to survive that SUV explosion. Continue reading

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24 Season 7: Episode 20


Surprisingly, Kim Bauer wasn’t in this episode. Instead, we were treated to a LISTSERV round-table of shadowy figures reminiscent of Doctor Claw. Where is this all going?

I have no idea. Continue reading

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24 Season 7: Episode 19


Jack is having a seizure! Jonas is having a heart attack! Kim has a kid! 24 is getting a bit more ridiculous every week, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to believe what is happening. Continue reading

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