24 Season 7: Episode 20


Surprisingly, Kim Bauer wasn’t in this episode. Instead, we were treated to a LISTSERV round-table of shadowy figures reminiscent of Doctor Claw. Where is this all going?

I have no idea.

It’s beginning to feel like the season has peaked, both in story and excitement. I no longer feel the urgency of a threat, like I did earlier with Juma and Jonas.

Jack’s impending death is continually teased, yet he already signed on for Season 8, along with the guy who hosts “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” in Slumdog Millionaire. So we know Jack will be alright.

Tony is no longer limping after shooting himself in the leg less than two hours ago, and, amidst his plot for world domination, he finds the time to take a shower next to the body of the dude he suffocated with the shower curtain. Is this the first time someone showers (or takes a leak, eats a snack or sleeps) in 24 history?

I’m glad to see Chloe is back (How is she in a hotel?… Wasn’t she still being held at FBI?), but why wouldn’t Jack ask for Morris to help, too? In fact, Kim, as annoying and incompetent as she is, worked at CTU, too. Why not get all former CTU members in the D.C. area to come help?

(Anybody else think Chloe and Morris’ extended farewell is teasing  imminent death?)

The preview for next week doesn’t look that much more exciting, either. I dunno… how will this all end? I’m losing interest more and more each week.


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4 thoughts on “24 Season 7: Episode 20

  1. Fred says:

    Chloe was released after Morris helped the FBI & Moss decrypt Walker’s encrypted conversations with Jack.

    And if Chloe’s (or Morris’s) death is soon to come, it’s “imminent” not “eminent”.

  2. zisko says:


  3. I Heart Jack says:

    First of all, Tony shot himself in the side, not the leg, and when he gets out of the shower, you can see it. Second, you know not every episode can be action-packed. They need to set the scene, and I thought this episode was full of drama (president’s daughter hiring hitman, kidnapping of innocent man, Jack losing it more and more, and of course the imminent attack on the country). It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat!!! Can’t wait for next week :-).

  4. The Ghost of President Palmer says:

    Mr. Ruhi,

    Your lack of enthusiasm dissapoints me. I look forward to watching you perish from a biological agent. Or perhaps a claw hammer at the hands of Tony Almeida.

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