24 Season 7: Episode 21


Jonas Hodges is apparently dead (I don’t believe anybody is dead on 24 unless they get a silent clock… and of course a villain won’t). This season has had me second-guessing death on the show, but it would be hard for an old dude to survive that SUV explosion.

Then again, Jack has swine flu H1N1, but we know he’ll make it out OK because Fox already announced the next season (and the fact that the actors behind Jack, Tony, President Taylor, Chloe, and Renee Taylor have all signed on, and that CTU will be back, this time in New York).

But I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the last few, and I love two of the new subplots: Olivia’s hiring of the hitman (and the disaster that is ensuing), and Tony’s plot to frame the subway station attack.

Olivia is quickly becoming one of my most hated characters (after Kim Bauer and Sherry Palmer), and I’ll be glad when Aaron rats her out after the sloppy hit on Jonas Hodges.

Next week’s episode looks good too: The poor kid walking with the canister around the subway station (why is it so busy at 5 a.m.?), and Jack finally confronting Tony at gunpoint.

The downside?

Kim will be back next week.

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One thought on “24 Season 7: Episode 21

  1. AgentRez says:

    Where did you read that Tony was signed on for season 8? I have not seen any reliable source for that. I hope it’s true but I doubt it.

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