24 Season 7: Episodes 23-24


Shocker of the century: Jack Bauer is not dead. Of course, he’s in a medical induced coma awaiting a highly experimental stem cell donation from Kim, which, I might add, puts her at a high risk medically (death?). So was it a fitting ending to the season?

The show ended suggesting that season 8 would begin right now, with Jack and Kim undergoing the procedure the first few episodes, Renee interrogating (read: beating the crap out of) our new 24 super-villain (more on him later), Tony’s fate being decided, and Olivia getting locked up.

But then I remembered the cast has confirmed season 8 will be set in New York and feature a re-installed CTU. So of course next season will have all of this season’s loose ends tied: Jack will be alive (but maybe not Kim) and he’ll be pardoned of all his wrongdoings and he’ll be the head of a new CTU in New York; Renee will probably be working for him, and she’ll be a ruthless, brutal agent like Jack; and Tony will probably be locked up or already dead.

I’m happy they made us sympathize with Tony. He had a pretty convincing argument, and I hope they find a way to keep him on the show in the future. He truly is the series’ best character besides Jack.

Which brings us to the new 24 super-duper arch villain: Allen Wilson. Every season of 24 peels back layers to reveal higher levels of terror and evil, but this dude is king of them all. He’s not only to blame for Jack having the swine flu and many innocent deaths in season 7, but he is also to blame for Michelle Dessler Almeida’s death and President Palmer’s new gig with Allstate Insurance.

We probably haven’t heard the last from him. And you haven’t heard the last from me either. Be back in January 2010 as I delve into the wonderful world of season 8.

Until then, make sure to read all of my season 7 recaps.

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7 thoughts on “24 Season 7: Episodes 23-24

  1. ed says:

    your thoughts on the Muslim who visited Jack at the hospital?

  2. Adrian says:

    Nothing really. Jack had a spiritual awakening and was able to forgive himself for everything he’s done.

  3. Jack Bauer says:

    “Nothing really?” ….One of the biggest moments in my life and you say “Not Really.” One of the most heart-wrenching, eye-opening most vulnerable moments in my entire existence and you say “Not really.” I hope I never see your ass on the streets or I’m going to headbutt you the way I did that nancy boy fashion queer last week.

    “Not really”…..pfffff

  4. Jo Charles says:

    I agree with you. Tony is an integral part of the show and hopefully he can be written into next season. Definitely sympathized with him. I can’t blame him for what he did. Also, the president’s decision to turn her daughter over to the authorities was bananas!!! Just about anyone in her position would do the opposite. Overall, it was a good season.

  5. Laura says:


    Agree with you 100%. I sympathized with him a lot, although I think his story could have been so much more compelling if they just spent 5 more minutes fleshing out his motives. I did not hate the Olivia storyline but they spent too much time on it that could have been used to really make Tony’s story work and fill in a few more details that would make the whole conspiracy and Tony’s game plan make more sense.

  6. Laura says:

    Oh yeah, and I totally agree that I want them to find a way to bring Tony back next year and redeem his character a little bit and bring some more closure there. It felt like he was dragged away too quickly and I just wanted to see a little more of his emotions and how he got to the emotional state he’s in now.

  7. jack says:

    who is larry davenport?

    somebody answer me please…

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