24 Season 7: Episode 19


Jack is having a seizure! Jonas is having a heart attack! Kim has a kid! 24 is getting a bit more ridiculous every week, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to believe what is happening.

Tony’s bad guy turn is frustrating because it isn’t believable. If Tony can convince everyone he is bad, then good, then bad, the show can get away with anything, which is frustrating for viewers who are trying to find the show at least slightly believable.

If I didn’t know Elisha Cuthbert was signed on for six weeks total (this was week three for her), I would have happily assumed Kim Bauer was gone for the season. And, here’s the twist: She has a daughter! And of course, she is named Teri, after Kim’s dead mom.

Jack would probably accept Kim’s stem cells if he knew he was a granddaddy.

The episodeĀ  finishes with both Jack and Jonas on the verge of death. Yet next week’s preview shows both of them alive and seemingly healthy as an angry and energetic Jack questions a bed-ridden (but alive) Jonas in a hospital room.

They better explain why Tony keeps switch-hitting next episode and how he manages to get away with his lies, or people are going to start losing interest in the show. The increasing ridiculousness is becoming overdone.

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4 thoughts on “24 Season 7: Episode 19

  1. zisko says:

    such a hater dude. what flavor hatorade is that you got there. give me something positive

  2. zisko says:


  3. Glenn says:

    hahaha.. I guess u hated it because Tony was a bad guy and it was your favorite character right?

  4. Peter says:

    How much longer is Renee going to have that bandaid on her neck??

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