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24 Season 7: Episode 19


Jack is having a seizure! Jonas is having a heart attack! Kim has a kid! 24 is getting a bit more ridiculous every week, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to believe what is happening. Continue reading

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24 Season 7: Episode 17


Uh oh. In episode 17, we are presented with possibly the biggest dilemma in 24 history: Either Jack’s daughter, Kim Bauer (played by Elisha Cuthbert) comes back and gives Jack some stem cells… or Jack dies! Continue reading

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24 Season 7: Episode 16


The charade continues. Tonight, we continued to be bombarded with thoughts of Jack’s imminent death. Mark my words: Jack isn’t dying… not next week, nor this season. But that’s stating the obvious, right? Continue reading

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24 Season 7: Episodes 11-12


If I learned one thing in today’s double episode, it’s that breaking into the White House is apparently quite easy. With a small amount of goons (at first,  less than 10, but later, magically, more appeared), Juma (yeah, he’s in D.C.) and co. planned the attack, took a boat ride, went scuba diving, started drilling an underwater hole as episode 11 closed, and had made a massive hole by the time episode 12 opened (in the span of one second?!). And that’s before even getting to the White House! Continue reading

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