24 Season 7: Episode 22


Jack Bauer has a very simple decision to make on next week’s episode, the 2-hour season finale of season 7: Keep the bastard Tony in FBI custody and stop the swine flu deployment madness once and for all, in exchange for the small fee of his daughter Kim’s life.

Of course that won’t happen, as fans of the show will forever be doomed and subjected to Kim’s annoyance. How is it that she has only been in like three episodes this season, yet still finds a way to be kidnapped?

SHE WAS A CTU AGENT! Do we not remember this? We know she got that job because of daddy, but you’d think it would at least prevent her from being taken hostage every season.

The Janice and Chloe scenes were brilliant. It was funny finally seeing Chloe get put in her place. I hope they work together next season.

The subplot with Olivia and the assassination of Jonas will prove very interesting next week… why is Aaron covering for her?

Jack was a total badass this episode. Between crashing Tony’s van, punching the crap out of him, and getting the bio-weapon to the Hazmat truck with seconds to spare, Jack was in top form tonight.

It seems the big “threat” is over with, and next week will deal with how the hell Jack manages to get himself out of this situation with Tony and Kim.

If the preview for next week’s episode offers any real clues, it seems that Jack will wind up cured (Wow! I didn’t see that coming!) Interestingly, though, it is implied that Tony will be the one providing the cure for him. Seems a fair exchange for Jack getting Tony out of FBI hands.

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4 thoughts on “24 Season 7: Episode 22

  1. John Jacobs says:

    Find a creative way to rid of us kim bauer please!

  2. jfernandez1121 says:

    Weeks ago, when Kim Bauer showed her useless little face for the first time this season, I made a declaration. “If Kim gets kidnapped AGAIN, this will be my last season as a fan of 24.”

    I hoped. I prayed. “Please, I enjoy watching this show. Don’t lose me. Don’t get her kidnapped.” All she had to do was make it the last 2hrs and 10 minutes without getting kidnapped. She could not do it.

    This brings the number of times the writers have used a kidnapped Kim to distract Jack to what… 3,4, 5 times? Done. Donezo. Finished.

    24, thou hath betrayed me. The only way, the ONLY way they will keep me as a fan, is if Kim dies. Yes, Kim Bauer must die a horrible death for the sake of the series. Otherwise, the phrase will no longer be to have “jumped the shark” but will become to have “kidnapped Kim.”

  3. jacaranda says:

    hey, Aaron is not actually covering for her right? He talked with Canaan to get the recording in his old office that may expose Olivia.

  4. jacaranda says:

    @ jfernandez1121, lighten up man… she aint kidnapped yet. 🙂

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