24 Season 7: Episode 17


Uh oh. In episode 17, we are presented with possibly the biggest dilemma in 24 history: Either Jack’s daughter, Kim Bauer (played by Elisha Cuthbert) comes back and gives Jack some stem cells… or Jack dies! I think many die-hard 24 fans would agree: The lesser of two evils would be for Jack to die.

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. If you are surprised by that statement, then you probably haven’t watched every season of 24. Because if you did, you’d understand how obnoxious Kim Bauer, the walking kidnapping target, is.

As my friend so eloquently texted me during the episode:

“Jack better not use [Kim]’s*** stem cells… he’ll get himself kidnapped.”

It’s that bad folks.

Meanwhile, Jonas Hodges is blackmailing President Taylor in the worst way possible. Seems he’s going to demand the presidency next week.

And as a journalist, I’m offended by the portrayal of that sleazy reporter trying to blackmail the equally sleazy Olivia.

Next week looks action-packed. Hopefully that action doesn’t involve the return of Kim.


*** He really said “this whore,” not “Kim”

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One thought on “24 Season 7: Episode 17

  1. […] if that wasn’t enough excitement for one episode, my worst fear came true: Kim Bauer was back, and she was as annoying as ever (if she said “daddy” one […]

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