24 Season 7: Episode 16


The charade continues. Tonight, we continued to be bombarded with thoughts of Jack’s imminent death. Mark my words: Jack isn’t dying… not next week, nor this season. But that’s stating the obvious, right?

I do have to admit though, the revelation of Jack’s infection was pretty shocking. I was naive (as I’m sure most viewers were), and easily taken for the ride assuming that Jack was fine when he was removed from quarantine.

The revelation was heartbreaking, and the scene with Renee crying while being told by Larry Moss of Jack’s infection was pretty powerful stuff.

The other scene that caught my eye was President Taylor’s phone conversation with Larry. The way the camera kept cutting to a worried Olivia made me VERY suspicious about the first daughter.

It was interesting to have Jack out of commission for much of the episode. I’ve never seen him so hopeless, especially after Larry told Jack he had to stay at FBI headquarters.

Is Jack in his final hour? We’ll see, but don’t count on it.

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