Rick Ross + The Roots

The Roots continue the trend of strange musical pairings on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon with this performance of Rick Ross’ current single, “Magnificent,” from his album Deeper Than Rap, in stores today.

The Roots, which is already in the midst of having a helping hand from the legendary Booker T. this week on Fallon, did everything right: Black Thought and Kirk valiantly filled in for John Legend on the song’s chorus, while ?uestlove and Kamal hilariously ad-libbed for Ross while mimicking his scruffy voice.

Although the performance wasn’t as iconic as The Roots’ clip with Public Enemy last month, it further solidifies The Roots’ versatility as the best band in hip-hop (as if that hasn’t been obvious for more than a decade).

For past Roots performances on Fallon, make sure to check out All The Way Live.

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2 thoughts on “Rick Ross + The Roots

  1. jfernandez1121 says:

    Roots outshined Officer Rawss big-time. Like anything Madonna does, he has nothing to do with why this is good.

  2. […] while equally lively production on songs like “Mafia Music” and first single “Magnificent” help mask Ross’ average lyrical content, dancefloor-centric tracks like “All I […]

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