Eminem “We Made You” (2009)

Eminem’s career is over. Actually, it’s been over since 2004 when he dropped the atrocity known as Encore. And now, after a five year absence, this is the bullshit he comes back with?

Five years is an eternity in the music industry. Usually when artists take such a long hiatus and deal with all the personal problems that Eminem has had to deal with, they come back reinvigorated, with new-found artistic sensibilities.

Not Marshall.

“We Made You,” the first single from Relapse, is terrible.

The song cruises over a misused Dr. Dre soul beat (Amy Winehouse or Cee-Lo would have made an awesome song with this instrumental), but instead of saying anything of substance, Eminem phones in a bunch of outdated pop culture references (Transformers, Sarah Palin, Guitar Hero).

And Dr. Dre: Did you really want to make your return to the mainstream in a Star Trek outfit?

What makes it even more disappointing is the fact that the three wash-ups (Eminem, Dr. Dre, and most of all, 50 Cent) released a REALLY good song just weeks ago¬†with “Crack A Bottle.”

Eminem’s new album, Relapse, will be released May 15.

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2 thoughts on “Eminem “We Made You” (2009)

  1. Eric says:

    for once, I agree with you about Eminem. This is total garbage

  2. […] the sound of flatulence emits on “We Made You,” Eminem’s first big single after a four-year hiatus, the rapper born Marshall Mathers […]

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