N*E*R*D “Soldier” (2009)

N*E*R*D debuted “Soldier” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. What album this song is from is anybody’s guess, but Santigold and Lil’ Wayne seem to be on the song.

“Soldier” has a pseudo-reggae vibe, which is a new direction for the group. It was awesome to see and hear Chad Hugo playing the bass saxophone.

The performance seemed a bit raw, though: An extended instrumental intro (with Pharrell and Shay looking confused) and everyone kind of sitting around while the Lil’ Wayne verse played at the end.

Santigold joined the group to perform the song for MTV Spring Break.

Hopefully, this means a new N*E*R*D album is imminent.

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One thought on “N*E*R*D “Soldier” (2009)

  1. Zisko says:

    hopefully not.

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