24 Season 7: Episode 9


It’s getting a bit more difficult to enjoy this season. Sure, it’s the most exciting, action-packed, nail-biter of a 24 season in years, but it’s also one of the most over the top.

My biggest beef is the little things, the stuff the producers want us to overlook. Like President Taylor and White House officials in general trusting Jack, Bill, and the rest of pseudo-CTU without even second-guessing them for a millisecond. Or Henry Taylor getting capped at 3:59 p.m.  in episode 7, and episode 8 opening at 4 p.m. with the ambulances arriving.

But I’ve done my best to suspend the disbelief.

The return of both Morris and Aaron Pierce were great 24 geek moments, and seeing that Morris and Chloe are happily together with a kid was an “awwww” moment. Of course I still anxiously await Tony Almeida’s return.

As fot the FBI infiltrator, it wasn’t who I thought it was, but I KNEW it wasn’t Janeane Garofalo. It was too obvious, and 24 always plays the mole the same way: Throw a too obvious choice out there to distract us from the real mole. In this case, Sean.

(Just as a reminder, the man best-known as Billy Walsh cheats on his wife, regularly oversteps his FBI boundaries, and now he’s also the FBI mole.)

We’ll see where next week goes. Maybe Dubaku will have already landed in the Cayman Islands when the season starts (one minute flight anyone?).

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One thought on “24 Season 7: Episode 9

  1. John Jacobs says:

    Alexander Hamilton would raise inquiries about the abuse of powers by the executive branch with regard to the checks and balances the framers envisioned. Taken for what its worth 24 is good swashbuckling entertainment, but as an accurate portrait of US governance I agree with you that it falls flat on its gerrymandering face.

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