Ghostspy revealed… Citroën Ad

So the Ghostspy has finally revealed what he/she is all about. Is it Ghostbusters 3? Is it something for Ghostbusters The Video Game? Is it Ghostbusters related at all?

It is, as some predicted, a car commercial. Specifically, a Ghostbusters-themed commercial for French automaker Citroën. The production value is high, and shows  three super-chic and modern Ghostbusters with sleek white proton packs taking down a giant junk-monster that is terrorizing Manhattan (or at least a bizarro-world Manhattan where Citroën is sold in the U.S.)

In the end, the Ghostbusters trap the beast in their Ecto-1 substitute, a new Citroën C3 Picasso, which they also call “La Spacebox.”

Cool stuff, but unfortunately, not Ghostbusters 3.

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3 thoughts on “Ghostspy revealed… Citroën Ad

  1. Adrian's Dad says:

    That’s awesome!

  2. #1ghostbusterfan says:

    dude!!! i told all of you that this was totally gb related!!! u can thank me later…

  3. jfernandez1121 says:

    Haha your Dad comments on your blog under the name Adrian’s Dad.

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