Kanye West “Paranoid” (2009)

Rihanna is finally back in the spotlight after that ugly Chris Brown incident. She stars in Kanye West’s newest video, “Paranoid,” which features G.O.O.D. Music artists Mr. Hudson and Kid Cudi on the chorus.

The black and white video features Hitchcock-esque car scenes and plenty of B-movie shots of werewolves, full moons and cheesy onscreen type. The rapid cuts and pans on the video help convey the feeling of paranoia.

Kanye didn’t leave the song untouched either. As he’s often done with previous videos (“Drive Slow” and “Champion” come to mind), he tinkered with the production of the song, adding a string backdrop and roughing up some of the synths a bit. The additions help add some edge to the song.

“Paranoid” is the fifth video from 808s & Heartbreak. “Robocop” and “See You In My Nightmares” are rumored to be the next videos from the album.

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