Wale “Chillin” (live) (2009)

Although “Chillin” still hasn’t become the massive smash I predicted (just wait until the music video comes out soon), it’s still a great song, and Wale gave an inspired performance for Last Call with Carson Daly on Friday.

Wale performed the song with Washington, D.C.-area go-go band UCB, which often backs him on tour. The live version lacked Lady Gaga (which might be a good thing), and had some extra go-go type percussion.

Wale’s debut album, Attention: Deficit, will be out sometime in Summer 2009.

For more live audio of Wale and UCB, check out All The Way Live.

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One thought on “Wale “Chillin” (live) (2009)

  1. […] foray into club music is mixed: First single “Chillin” is a catchy take on “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” with some help from Lady […]

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