Incubus “Black Heart Intertia” (2009)

After a brief hiatus, Incubus is back with a new single, “Black Heart Inertia,” from its upcoming greatest hits album, along with a new U.S. tour.

(To watch the music video, which YouTube won’t let me embed, click here.)

Monuments and Melodies is a two-disc set, and will be released on June 16. The first disc features two new songs and some of the band’s greatest hits (none of which come from Incubus’ first three albums: Fungus Amungus, Enjoy Incubus, and S.C.I.E.N.C.E.), while the second disc features B-sides, rarities and the like.

“Black Heart Inertia” is the single (“Midnight Swim” is the other new song) and is nothing overly exciting. It sounds like it is from the A Crow Left Of The Murder era, but is more suited to being an album cut, instead of a single.

Additionally, those who purchase the album will be able to redeem a code on Incubus’ web site to download hundreds more rare, unreleased and live versions of songs and videos.

Incubus will tour the U.S. from July 9 to August 28. The band will stop in Miami on August 16 at Bayfront Park Amphitheatre, which is significant because it might be the first big gig at the venue since its Live Nation transformation, which is still ongoing. Some lawn tickets are still available at Live Nation, but they’ll probably vanish soon.

The full tracklisting for Monuments and Melodies:

Disc 1:

  1. Black Heart Intertia
  2. Drive
  3. Megalomaniac
  4. Anna Molly
  5. Love Hurts
  6. Wish You Were Here
  7. Warning
  8. Stellar
  9. Talk Shows on Mute
  10.   Pardon Me
  11.   Dig
  12.   Oil and Water
  13.   Are You In?
  14.   Nice To Know You
  15.   Midnight Swim

Disc 2:

  1. Neither Of Us Can See
  2. Look Alive
  3. While All The Vultures Feed
  4. Pantomime
  5. Anything
  6. Punch Drunk
  7. Admiration
  8. Martini
  9. A Certain Shade of Green (Acoustic)
  10.   Monuments and Melodies
  11.   Let’s Go Crazy (Prince cover)
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One thought on “Incubus “Black Heart Intertia” (2009)

  1. epicdigital says:

    Hey, Adrian! Great entry, thanks for helping to spread the word about the new Incubus album. I just wanted to add a little something about the album and an additional perk for all you Incubus fans out there. Inside the album will be a card that contains a code. The code can be used on the band’s site,, to gain access into their “Vault.” “The Vault” contains 500+ streamable rare tracks, videos, and photos; many hand-picked and taken by the band members themselves–some of which are downloadable. It’s a great addition to this already diverse album, and something all Incubus fans can enjoy. Thanks again! And if anyone is interested in the sizzlereel for this album, check it out on YouTube at:

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