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Incubus “Monuments and Melodies” (2009)

incubusFrom the June 29, 2009 issue of The Miami Herald (web / print)

Oftentimes, the greatest hits compilation is a death knell for artists: A sign of withering fame, or a contractual obligation to get off a record label. But for Incubus, Monuments and Melodies is none of the above. Instead, it’s a statement of strength — a logical stopgap before the next studio release. Continue reading

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Incubus “Black Heart Intertia” (2009)

After a brief hiatus, Incubus is back with a new single, “Black Heart Inertia,” from its upcoming greatest hits album, along with a new U.S. tour.

(To watch the music video, which YouTube won’t let me embed, click here.) Continue reading

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