Kanye West “Amazing” (2008)

Tonight, Kanye West debuted the video for “Amazing” on 106 and Park. The song is the third single (but fourth video) from Kanye’s latest album, 808s & Heartbreak.

“Amazing,” which features Young Jeezy, has pounding Taiko drums, an infectious piano melody and eerie chanting during the chorus.

The video, directed by the legendary Hype Williams, was shot in Hawaii, and shows tons of stunning footage of mountains, rain forests, and fire. This could be a visual preview of Kanye’s upcoming Ye vs. The Volcano tour, set to hit Europe in the Summer and the U.S. in the Fall.

I’m assuming that “Amazing” is a “street single,” seeing as “Paranoid” was released virtually simultaneously, and is much more suited to club and radio play.

Make sure to check out Kanye’s performances for VH1 Storytellers, from earlier in the year.

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