24 Season 7: Episode 15


Eh. Despite all the craziness of  episode 15, I was underwhelmed. It’s hard for viewers to be on the edge of their seats when Jack is the one in peril. I mean, Jack isn’t really in danger, is he?

Unless this is planned to be the last season of 24, or Kiefer Sutherland plans on leaving the show, it’s hard to believe that Jack is in any real danger from his exposure to the biological weapon.

I fear a bit more for Tony. This season seems like it could be setting up Tony for redemption before dying. I hope not, though. It’d be great to keep Jack and Tony around for a few more years.

My favorite moment was Jack taking the moral stance (for once this season), and saving the Port cop. Giving us the cop’s back-story (the phone call with his pregnant wife) was VERY intentional, so I already knew he’d be saved dramatically, or killed brutally.

The teaser for next week’s episode heavily teased the possibility of Jack being sick from the contaminent, but there’s no way in hell this season will end with a terminally ill Jack.

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