24 Season 7: Episode 14


Ryan Burnett is dead. Senator Blaine Mayer is dead. And everyone thinks Jack did it. Meanwhile the U.S. is going to hell in a handbasket and nobody is likely to believe Jack since he’s a fugitive.

Who liked Senator Mayer? I’m sure everyone was eager for him to get his, yet in the end, his death comes as a shock, and we’re meant to feel bad for pegging him wrong. His conversation with Jack was one of the best scenes of the season, and seeing the Senator get killed (it caught me completely off guard) was truly surprising.

Then the awesome fight scene between Jack and the real killer, Quinn, in the junkyard, brought something different to the 24 fold: plenty of hand-to-hand combat, an insane use of construction equipment to tip over a trailer, and death-by-screwdriver. 

For once, I’m really wondering: How the hell will Jack get out of this mess?

With a trail of bodies left behind (the only people who could have supported Jack’s plea of innocence, had they been alive), Jack seems truly doomed.

Next week’s episode promises Jack and Tony Almeida back to their old ways, plenty of gunfire, and a threat of biochemical weaponry. Sounds fun!

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