The Lonely Island “Incredibad” (2009)


You may not immediately recognize The Lonely Island, but you are very familiar with their work. The team of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone are responsible for the best Saturday Night Live moments of the last few years. And now they’re giving us their greatest hits, and a whole lot more, on their debut album, Incredibad.

The album is chock-full of mostly hip-hop parody. Featuring the assistance of talented artists to help make silly songs making fun of popular music trends, Samberg and company also send a wink-wink and a nod-nod that they know their REAL hip-hop.

It all started with “Lazy Sunday.” The rap song about The Chronicles of Narnia, which kick-started Andy Samberg’s career, stands out as one of the highlights of Incredibad. Years later, it is still hilarious.

Other miscellaneous SNL YouTube classics featured include the Justin Timberlake collaboration “Dick In A Box,” the reggae spoof “Ras Trent” and their current single, the club-banger “Jizz in My Pants”:

Nobody said it was tasteful. But some of it is absolutely hilarious, especially considering how many of the songs actually aired on Saturday Night Live.

But while many of the included SNL classics will never get old, a good chunk of the other songs are downright awful.

Jack Black’s ’80s electrojazz song “Sax Man” is mildly silly and rapper E-4o’s performance as Carlos Santana is quite humorous , but songs like “Boombox” and the purposefully awkward “We Like Sportz,” are a painful chore to get through.

Incredibad isn’t the type of album you’ll play repeatedly, and most of the songs worked better as skits with accompanying videos. But if you’re unfamiliar with The Lonely Island’s work, I’d suggest at least watching some of their skits on YouTube or NBC’s site.

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2 thoughts on “The Lonely Island “Incredibad” (2009)

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