24 Season 7: Episode 7


We’re now getting to the point where certain 24 cliches start shining through. It’s not a bad thing, but every 24 season follows a formula, and despite how good this season is, it doesn’t stray very far from the rest of the pack…

It was great seeing pseudo-CTU move in. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Bill Buchana on the field this way, and seeing him, Jack, Tony, and Renee rain on Dubaku’s parade was exhilarating.

As for the cliches, there were several: The “great sacrifice” (the Ohio chemical plant operator), the apparent end to the attacks (the destruction of the CIP module… which will surely lead to the introduction of a much larger threat), and the always necessary kidnapping, this time of First Gentleman Henry Taylor. Hey, somebody had to fill in for Kim Bauer.

It will surely get exciting now that the pseudo-CTU will likely have to reveal themselves somehow. And you gotta love Jack’s lecture to Tony about owning up to his past. Good stuff.

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