Maino “All The Above” (2009)

This is what mainstream hip-hop should sound like. Over Just Blaze’s majestic beat, Maino (I know) and T-Pain (I KNOW!!!) deliver a great, GREAT club record that will probably blow up…. NOW.

I first heard this song last week when Just Blaze did a live video chat and played some of his unreleased gems (including much of Saigon’s ironically titled Greatest Story Never Told). The song immediately caught my ear.

I’m no Maino fan (who?) and T-Pain has irked me for much of his musical existence, but this song just works. Just Blaze’s sweeping strings, bombastic club drums, and all the little nuances (synths, electric guitars, breakdowns) will make this song a hit. And only Just has the balls to make club records that exceed 5 minutes in length.

Of course, musically, it borrows generously from recent hits like T.I.’s  “Live Your Life” (which Just also produced) and “Whatever You Like,” but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Who knows, this song might make Maino a household name.

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