Kanye West DVD footage?

Universal Music Group quietly uploaded this clip of Kanye West performing “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” to its Youtube channel page. But is this indicative of an upcoming live DVD?

There have been rumors of an impending Kanye West live DVD for months, but no official word. And while it was confirmed that at least one show on the American leg of the Glow In The Dark Tour was recorded, nothing has materialized.

This particular clip was recorded in Las Vegas, but is noticeably from before the Glow In the Dark Tour. It features his older band lineup (the string section, Omar Edwards on keys) instead of the one on the Glow Tour that featured a more traditional band setup and no strings.

So could this be from an upcoming DVD? I’d like to think any upcoming Kanye DVD would feature the superior Glow setup and not this older, inferior setup. But I’ll take anything Universal gives me…

UPDATE: Universal doesn’t allow embedded play, so watch the video here.

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4 thoughts on “Kanye West DVD footage?

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