24 Season 7: Episode 6


Talk about edge of your seat action. This season already has more twists and turns then many entire seasons of 24.

Dubaku had already shown how ruthless he was, but with tonight’s plane crash (along with the setup for the Ohio chemical attack), he shows he’s just as villainous as any previous 24 antagonist.

President Taylor’s dilemma is one many Americans are familiar with: Whether we’re willing to sacrifice our stature, power, or rights for the sake of protecting American lives.  This plot-line alone is enough to drive a season.

But what takes the cake is the subplot with First Gentleman Taylor. His agent is one of the most evil characters the show has given us, and the heartless way he killed Samantha was shocking.

Jack and Tony continued their badass streak, and it was good to see Tony shoot David Emerson without much hesitation. I still worry whether Tony really is a good guy, but his actions tonight definitely make the likelihood of a heel turn seem slim.

I’m excited to see what CTU-lite manages to dig up now with FBI agent Renee in the fold. If the preview for next week is any indication, we’re in for the most action-heavy episode of the season yet.

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