Lil Wayne “Prom Queen” (2009)

As if taking over the world with The Carter III wasn’t enough, Lil Wayne is back for more. Here is his new single, “Prom Queen.”  How does it stack up?

If you can’t tell, Lil Wayne is making a drastic artistic departure, a la Kanye West. The song is apparently the first single from his upcoming album, Rebirth, due April 7.

Musically, “Prom Queen” isn’t anywhere as interesting as anything Kanye is doing. The rock beat is fairly generic, and I’m assuming it was supplied by his current touring band. Weezy croons away on autotune, which has reached its 16th second of fame.

If nothing else, Lil Wayne makes semi-bold artistic decisions that most other rappers in his position wouldn’t make. Only time will tell if Rebirth is worth our time.

P.S.: Wayne… please keep the guitar tucked away in the back of the closet.

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