24 Season 7: Episodes 3-4

24_season_7_castNow THAT’S more like it. After a fairly slow-moving and unsteady premier last night, hours 3 and 4 of Season 7 had me jumping out of my seat and cheering on the (not so) good guys. It felt like I was back in college watching all the first few seasons again, and that’s definitely a good sign for the show’s direction.

I was sort of correct with my predictions about Tony on post about episodes 1 and 2, and I’m loving the returning cast and their role as a rogue CTU. Of course this season is still relying on overused 24 story arcs (Jack going rogue, a tense encounter in the server room of a government agency, tense interrogation scenes), but so far the change of setting to Washington, D.C. and the mostly new cast of characters is providing enough freshness to keep this season more exciting then the last.

Stay tuned, I’ll be chiming in every week.

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