24 Season 7: Episodes 1-2


Maybe it’s due to¬†the dissapointing season that followed the first four amazing hours of season 6 of 24, but I was cynical for the first two episodes of season 7.

I was all over 24: Redemption. The change in locale was a fresh enough reboot to help me eliminate the sour (and stale) taste in my mouth after season 6. And ever since the FIRST trailer for season 7 (wayyyy back in October 2007, before the season was delayed a full year), I’ve been very excited about this season’s change in location, and of course, the much talked about return (and apparent¬†heel turn) of Tony Almeida.

But hours 1 and 2 were solid. Not mind-boggling (the teaser for tomorrow suggests they saved all boggling of the minds for episodes 3 and 4), but I can already tell something is up with Tony. He succumbed to Jack without much of a fight by the end of hour 2? The teaser for tomorrow suggests he has a big secret to tell? The infrastructure-busting weapon he helped get is being passed along by a higher-up to a Sangala? Something smells fishy.

Could Michelle also be alive, still? Could Tony be undercover trying to infiltrate the terrorists from Sangala?

Hopefully we’ll find out tomorrow night.

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One thought on “24 Season 7: Episodes 1-2

  1. […] was sort of correct with my predictions about Tony on post about episodes 1 and 2, and I’m loving the returning cast and their role as a rogue CTU. Of course this season is […]

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