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Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2009

5) Wale “Attention Deficit”

“… Wale proves on his debut that he is a multifaceted songwriter and performer who can make seemingly unrelated musical styles coexist through the often narrow lens of hip-hop.”

4) K’naan “Troubadour”

“… Troubadour is an eclectic batch of musical influences: Rock guitar riffs, African percussion, reggae horns and chanting all coexist in a fluid bedrock that supports a foundation of great hip-hop.”

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K’naan “T.I.A.” (2009)

As K’naan’s fame increases at a rapid pace (did I really hear “ABCs” while my girlfriend was watching The Hills?), it’s cool to see him┬árelease a video like this for one of Troubadour‘s more rugged songs. Continue reading

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K’naan “Troubadour” (2009)


If you like K-os you’ll love K’naan. Born in Somalia and now calling Toronto home, K’naan is an authentic Akon, embracing┬áhis African roots both lyrically and musically without the exploitation or thug posturing . Continue reading

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