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Jay-Z “My President (D.C. Mix) (2009)

Fresh from a verbal lynching by “journalist ” Bill O’Reilly and “comedian”  Dennis Miller, here is the studio version of Jay-Z’s remix to Young Jeezy’s “My President.” But is it any better than the Jeezy’s version?… Continue reading

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Jay-Z & Kanye Inaugural performances

Jay-Z performed his new song “History” at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball, the first of ten which President Obama attended. The song, produced by Kanye West and featuring vocals from his backup singer, Tony Williams, should be on Jay’s upcoming Blueprint 3.

But Jay-Z wasn’t the only hip-hop representative at the Inaugural Balls… Continue reading

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Young Jeezy “My President” (2008)

Where to start? I’m sure a lot of people wish the first Obama victory song was by Jay-Z, Kanye, Common, or someone of the like. Instead, they must settle for Young Jeezy and an unusually ignorant  Nas verse… Continue reading

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