Jay-Z “My President (D.C. Mix) (2009)

Fresh from a verbal lynching by “journalist ” Bill O’Reilly and “comedian”  Dennis Miller, here is the studio version of Jay-Z’s remix to Young Jeezy’s “My President.” But is it any better than the Jeezy’s version?…

Well, yes and no. Jay-Z still keeps off-topic references to cars and jewels in the chorus, but his verse is much more poignant than Young Jeezy or Nas’. My favorite line:

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk

Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run

Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly

So I’ma spread my wings, you could meet me in the sky

But Jay-Z and Jeezy made the critical mistake of using much juicier language at a live performance over the weekend, which unfortunately found its way to everyone’s favorite TV host, Bill O’Reilly:

{Shaking my head}

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