Mr. Hudson “Supernova” (2009)

This will be the biggest song of the Summer. Kanye West doesn’t need to drop “Paranoid” to introduce Mr. Hudson to the masses (the video version of “Paranoid” will have Rihanna instead), because “Supernova” is a massive, epic song.

The beat, presumably made by Kanye, has spacey synthesizers and booming Timbaland-esque drums. Clubs will love this. Kanye also hits some REALLY high notes on this. No way in hell he’ll be able to hit those when he performs this.

Mr. Hudson is a singer, songwriter and producer from London and is signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label.

Hudson’s album, Straight No Chaser, will be released in August and feature guest appearances from labelmates Kanye West and Kid Cudi.

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2 thoughts on “Mr. Hudson “Supernova” (2009)

  1. Biggest song of the summer?? Maybe in your room when your mom’s not home and you’re free to slide around on the new hardwood floors like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Only your tighty-whities have a faded Spiderman on the crotch and skid-marks on the back.

    And you wonder why I’m mental.

  2. […] in Kanye West’s newest video, “Paranoid,” which features G.O.O.D. Music artists Mr. Hudson and Kid Cudi on the […]

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