24 Season 7: Episode 18


Damn you, Tony Almeida. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming (as far back as episode 8), but the end of tonight’s episode was one of the most shocking and painful scenes in 24 history.

Episode 18 did plenty to set up the emotional impact at the end. For the first time all season, Larry Moss had testicular fortitude when he agreed to Tony’s “unsanctioned” (but highly suggested by President Taylor) mission to take out Jonas Hodge’s missiles.

Likewise, from the moment Tony was taken into custody by FBI after detonating the missiles, he acted weird. We kept getting suspense-building camera angles, so when he waved off Larry’s shooter, we weren’t surprised. And for a moment, most people probably thought there was a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Then the unexplainable happened.

Tony’s suffocating of Larry was powerful. It was painfully long and was brutal enough for the viewer to feel betrayed. There is no doubt in my mind that Tony is the new “bad guy” Jonas was referring to when he was arrested.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one episode, my worst fear came true: Kim Bauer was back, and she was as annoying as ever (if she said “daddy” one more time, I would have punched a hole into my TV).

Of course, my ears perked when Jack mentioned that the stem cell treatment could adversely effect Kim. Maybe they’re setting up the very real possibility of Kim saving Jack at the expense of her own life, which fanboys and future seasons alike woule rejoice in.

Next week’s preview suggests Renee might be in trouble. Bill and Larry’s deaths are enough for me. I hope she makes it out alright.

***PS: Where the hell did Chloe and Morris go?

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3 thoughts on “24 Season 7: Episode 18

  1. Eric says:

    did you get my text about Kim? lol. Agreed. I have never been more emotionally affected by 24 until the Tony chocking Agent Moss scene… powerful stuff

  2. Eric says:


  3. arifrana says:

    I don’t know, why Tony do this with Lary??

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