Brüno (2009)

***WARNING: Not safe for work!***


It was only a matter of time. Sacha Baron Cohen is back for the big screen adaptation of his Brüno character, after an awful Ali G movie and an absolutely hilarious and groundbreaking Borat movie.

For those unaware, Brüno was the least used (and probably least popular) character of Cohen’s on both the British and American versions of Da Ali G Show.

Unfortunately, it seems like more of Brüno is scripted than the TV show or Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

It can only be expected. Cohen’s popularity has soared in the last five years, and the only way he’d be able to pull off stunts like this would be with brand new characters not introduced years before on his show.

The biggest disappoinment about this trailer is that it openly acknowledges itself as farce, and that Brüno is a character. Borat played it straight and had many people in the audience convinced he was real.

Otherwise, Brüno promises to be highly offensive (the first cut submitted to the MPAA was given the dreaded NC-17 rating), and is sure to bring up some serious dialogue about America’s treatment of homosexuals.

Brüno hits theaters July 10.

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