Grammy Awards 2009

As usual, The Grammys didn’t live up to the hype… how could they? But on a night where Al Green, Justin Timberlake, Boyz II Men and Keith Urban improvised “Let’s Stay Together” (Chris Brown and Rihanna no-showed because of… ahem… legal trouble), the “Rap Pack” stole the show…

With a 9-months knocked-up M.I.A. kicking it off with a lip-synced performance of “Paper Planes” (can you blame her?), Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye West and Lil Wayne tore the house down with their first group performance of “Swagga Like Us.”

Between the Rat Pack styling (tuxedos, black and white, the “big band” set up) and the huge sound (provided by some of the best hip-hop musicians, like Adam Blackstone and Omar Edwards), the whole performance showed how far hip-hop performances have evolved over the years.

Also impressive were Lil Wayne’s performance of his New Orleans tribute, “Tie My Hands,” T.I.’s “Dead and Gone” with Justin Timberlake, and especially Radiohead’s “15 Steps” with the USC marching band.

Major props to fellow Okayplayer 3030FMfor the “Swagga Like Us” video.

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One thought on “Grammy Awards 2009

  1. Adrian's Dad says:

    Radiohead’s “15 Steps” paled, in comparison, with a much older but, IMHO, better British rock group/USC Marching Band collaboration: Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk”.

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