24 Season 7: Episode 5


So far so good. While season 6 of 24 started high and quickly sloped downward, this season seems to be building up the way the best seasons have. Today, we learned how far Jack and Tony will go; luckily, it hasn’t been at the expense of innocent lives…. yet…

Jack and Tony have luckily been able to walk the fine line of being honorable to the country (and themselves), and being shady enough to not tip off the bad guys. This pressure was most evident when they had to extract Motobo from the safehouse, and especially when Jack had to pretend to kill Renee.

While that subplot is brewing, the bigger, broader plot of government corruption is taking shape. We learned of the corruption from Tony, Bill and Chloe, but now we learned through First Gentleman Henry Taylor just how deep the corruption goes. Will he REALLY be killed?

This season has me on the edge of my seat so far, and I only see it getting better. If it continues at this pace, it’ll definitely get the sour taste out of my mouth left by last season.

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One thought on “24 Season 7: Episode 5

  1. Edwin Rodriguez says:


    I couldn’t agree more. This season is shaping up to an extremely awaited climax. Last season peaked very early and seemed to drag on with subplot after subplot. Starting off with killing one of the most beloved characters (President Palmer) was a bad way to start. How do you top that with suspense?

    This season they keep leaving off every episode with a cliff hanger, something they rarely did last season, but they dont leave you with THE cliff hanger. I can’t wait for next Monday and see what happens next. As for my out there theory of what happens with the First Man. They decide to kill the girlfriend, frame the first man, and bring corruption to the President by showing her husband as a psychotic murderer. BUT, they dont kill him, instead they leave him alive, to rant about the murders and look even crazier.


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