Incubus + The Roots

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I never thought I’d see this day. Two of my top 5 favorite bands, The Roots and Incubus, tag-teamed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to play “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince, a song Incubus has been covering for a few years and that is available on its newest 2-disc retrospective, Monuments and Melodies.

Both band took up practically the entire staging area of Late Night, and it’s a wonder how they managed to sync both bands perfectly considering how far some members were from each other (especially drummers Jose Pasillas and ?uestlove, who were probably 50 ft. away from eachother).

Of course both hands have a slightly tangled history: Incubus bassist Ben Kenney played both guitar and bass at different points with The Roots in the early 2000s.

To see video of every Roots performance on Late Night, check out All The Way Live.

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3 thoughts on “Incubus + The Roots

  1. Me says:

    One thing I look for in musical performances is that they have at least three of everything. Three drummers. Three keyboards. At the very least…seven guitars. They needed another five tuba players.

  2. Zisko says:

    talk about skeells.

  3. […] After a short intermission, the band returned for a two song encore: A loose, jam-inspired rendition of the jazz-funk “Are You In?,” and the set-closing cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.” […]

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