Blitz The Ambassador “Breathe” (2009)

Radio is dead. It got hit by a taxi after robbing up-and-coming, talented and artistic musicians.

At least that’s what’s depicted in “Breathe,” the breakout song and video from Ghana-born rapper/producer Blitz The Ambassador, which debuted Tuesday on MTV2.

The first single from Blitz’s upcoming album, Stereotype, the song shows the world what he’s about: Lyrics that denounce much of the stupidity of mainstream hip-hop, and beats with a heavy emphasis on horns and bass.

With a voice and cadence reminiscent of The Roots’ Black Thought and the 5-piece Mighty Embassy Ensemble backing him live, Blitz is sure to make waves when his album is released on August 4.

For tons of performance audio from Blitz The Ambassador, make sure to check out All The Way Live.

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One thought on “Blitz The Ambassador “Breathe” (2009)

  1. […] The Future” weaves syncopated drums and dense horn arrangements, while the funky “Breathe” is a danceable jam blending cymbal-heavy drumming, blues guitar and swirling […]

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