¡Mayday! – “On 2 Somth’n” (2009)


¡Mayday! caught me off guard back in 2006. I remember watching MTV Jams and seeing this dope video by some unknown rappers with Cee-Lo and DJ Craze.  Then it hit me… “Is that South Beach? Are they from MIAMI?!”

It’s been love ever since.

Their self-titled album earned an 89/100 from me on Okayplayer, but that was before the group expanded to add Wrekonize and the full-band setup.

The new sound is even better.

Here is the new track, “On 2 Somth’n”:

The slow, grinding guitar groove and congas are hypnotic, but not very catchy either. I much prefer “Miles to Go,” a funky-ass jam found on the band’s MySpace page.

If you’ve never heard ¡Mayday!, I highly suggest you check out their MySpace page, or  better yet, check them out live at Jazid nightclub in Miami Beach.


Props to the Miami New Times CrossFade blog for the song

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